Live at Rockwood Music Hall

by Michael J. Morgan

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Recorded 4.27.2017


released April 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Michael J. Morgan New York

Michael J. Morgan is an acoustic singer-songwriter who has spent his whole life living in and around New York City. After spending years playing in punk, indie and emo bands he decided to go solo and released his debut album BLOOM in July of 2014.

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Track Name: Christina (Live)
i watched the clock for a second. the right hand was moving so fast. i couldn’t stop it with all of my might. well, i’m looking for that feeling to pass. i found a friend in you. when we were just 16, you sewed my pants and i loved you. we were young, we were crazy. we were dumb in a small town. when i met you girl i saw yr house. we had 2 friends who were in love but, who knew what they’re dreaming of? remember going to yr house? remember sitting all around? the day you sewed my pants and i hurt yr leg…id give anything for one more day. all of yr friends they are here. me, you and all of them. we grew up and grew apart. i found out you were in love. i saw you on yr wedding day. i was proud you had made it safe. you came up a winters night. we were just 3 friends passing time. it was like nothing had changed, i still remember yr last name. you called me up, the dead of fall. you told me news i didn’t want to know. i had a feeling it would be bad but, i never expected that. i tell you girl, “i’m so sorry”. because, no one deserves to feel that weak. yet, here i am wasting my life. i can’t look at myself, ill be alright. i left home when i was young. forgot about the things id done. forgot about the things i want. forgot the town we were in love. everybody is changing. either getting married, getting kids, getting strong, getting sick...i can’t believe in all of this.